Subpad Wiki

XSUB Locking Rules

The locking multiplier differs depending on the lock method you have chosen. It is higher in the case of locking $SUB LP - equals 2.5 and in the case of Staking is 1.00! This means, that if you lock $SUB LP tokens you will receive 1.5 more times than the number of xSUBs if you were locking only $SUB tokens! With fewer funds input, you will have a higher allocation.
We may change the multiplier depending on the future governance voting results - the multiplier is not a fixed value.
Once you have provided the input, choose the lock time via the “Lock tokens for” bracket. The minimum lock time is 7 days, maximum is 1080 days.
100 $SUB tokens locked for 360 days (One Year) equal to 1 xSUB. After you have decided for how long to lock your $SUB tokens & convert them to xSUB tokens you can lock them at our panel. Important: You cannot unlock your tokens before the lock time expires. Upon unlocking and withdrawing your $SUB tokens 10% Exit Fee applies. The fee is used for the treasury pool and xSUB staking rewards. More about fees you can read in the Chapter “$SUB Token Deflation Attack Fees”.