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Your first xSUB

Are you ready for taking part in your first IDO? Well, for that you need to buy xSUBs tokens.
xSUB is a non-transferable token created while locking the $SUB tokens at for a specific duration (min. 7 days, max. 1080 days). It is you who chooses how many tokens & for how long you want to lock them.
Thanks to it, our platform calculates your zSUB commitment - 100 $SUB tokens locked for 360 days equal 1 xSUB. The rest is applied with mathematical & proportion rules. Yes, yes, locking for 3 times longer will grant you 3 X more xSUB tokens, and locking for 12 times shorter will yield 12 X fewer xSUBs
It is important to us because it expresses your commitment to the Subpad platform & project.