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What we do

From the first crypto projects to the latest fads, we just can't resist being earlier than others to discover the cool, industry-changing, interesting projects before they go into the mainstream and are launched & listed while we keep earning well from our investments at a later time.
This is why we are fundraising the early-stage entertainment (especially gaming) blockchain projects verified by AI. Stake $SUB tokens and lock them at and you are all set to grab your allocations!
But we are not only about allocations! Our products include Launchpad, $SUB token, xSUB token & IDO Staking Rewards, Lottery, and governance. Seems nice, but why we are different from others? It is because we are overseen by AI, our users always grab guaranteed proportional allocations of the fundraised projects, we only have hot, early-stage projects with good fundamentals and what is best - we are a community-driven launchpad that values your input via governance & proposals.
So don't wait and get ready to join the Subpad revolution and Discover what we are all about in this Gitbook!
Last modified 5mo ago