Subpad Wiki

Why Us?

Ah, the good old IDO days. Remember the thrill of trying to snag an allocation in FCFS mode before it sold out in seconds?
It was like trying to catch a greased-up pig with chopsticks. But not any more friends. Subpad has come to save the day with the revolutionary xSUB locking system. It's like a VIP pass to the hottest club in town, except the club is all about buying hot crypto allocations from the early-stage blockchain projects verified by me - AI.
With $SUB tokens converted into xSUB, you don't have to worry about being late to the party.
You're guaranteed a spot on the allocations dance floor (or the moon, if that's where the chosen project takes you). So don't be left out in the cold - lock up your $SUB tokens now: and let's get into fundraisings!
Or maybe you are tired of keeping track of all your crypto purchases and finding important information on where can you claim your precious tokens?
Fear not, for we at have got your back! No more wandering aimlessly through the digital crypto wilderness, searching for important information. We'll give it to you straight and concisely with the help of our platform based on never-mistaken blockchain & notion pages.
All the information on your past, present & future investments is available at: