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IDO Staking Rewards

IDO Staking Rewards is another product available on the platform. The more xSUBs you have, the more rewards you will get. We reward Subpad users by airdropping them the rewards. In the future, the IDO staking rewards panel will be introduced for claiming rewards manually.
IDO Stakers need to take part in the upcoming IDO per quarter and have locked xSUBs at Subpad to be eligible for the rewards once the upcoming IDO ends.
Each qualified xSUB holder is automatically staking their xSUBs upon entering the current IDO sale - no further steps are required to stake. The APR is changeable and can be calculated via the following formula:
APR = [Your rewards * 12 * 100% / your amount of $SUB tokens invested] %
  • Your rewards - the $SUB tokens rewards that you can claim
  • 12 - can be described as 12 months - APR period
  • Your amount of $SUB tokens - $SUB tokens you have used to lock at
The rewards are being distributed once the IDO ends - the rewards are being acquired from the 5% Staking Tax and from the xSUB exit fee (50% of the fee goes to the IDO Staking Rewards Pool)
Once they are summed up then they are distributed proportionally between all eligible stakers in one rate.