Subpad Wiki


Subpad is our launchpad of dreams and the main product for all you crypto degens out there! Whether you're a seasoned trader or a new holder, we've got everything you need to take your crypto journey to the next level. Here are a bunch of useful descriptions of our Subpad mechanics:

I. IDO Flow

IDO Fundraising on Subpad consists of the following stages:
  1. 1.
    Participation: Investors go to, decide to pick the ongoing project, and click on the button “Participate”.
  2. 2.
    Allocating xSUBs: The display of the project being fundraised is shown and investors choose how much they want to allocate xSUBs with the value of the investment they can cover in stablecoin. They can only allocate the amount that they can purchase! This mechanism allows measurement of the interest and desire of investing per each IDO. The predicted number of available allocations for the user will also be displayed. Investors only allocate the amount they can purchase. If in the next step, they cannot allocate all the funds they committed to allocate, a 5% Waste Fee will be imposed on them. Waste Fee deduces 5% of all investor's xSUBs.
  3. 3.
    Pre-funding: Then they click on the button “Prefund” and follow the instructions on the screen. In these steps, investors allocate funds in stablecoin on the pre-fund wallet.
  4. 4.
    Calculation period closed: In this stage, investors cannot anymore allocate xSUBs or stablecoin funds. The system calculates what is the final eligible allocation per each investor which is proportional to allocated xSUBs by the investors. If the investor:
  • Had a smaller allocation than PREFUND in stablecoin; he receives back the stablecoin & allocated xSUBs.
  • Had a higher allocation than PREFUND in stablecoin; a 5% Waste Fee applies. Waste Fee deduces 5% of all investor’s xSUBs.
  • If the IDO PREFUND POOL was not filled by other users to the hardcap (where waste fee applied) we take stablecoin from users having stablecoin backup, filled from the allocations, we take the funds proportionately from IDO PREFUND POOL for the fundraising target.The allocations, that were not filled with full pre-fund by some users will be distributed proportionally to other users, who have pre-funded more than eligible by the xSUB allocation size.
  • If the IDO PREFUND POOL does not cover the IDO hardcap we begin the FCFS round.

II. Exit Fee

Exit Fee is imposed upon withdrawal of the $SUB tokens after unlocking them at Subpad - and is equivalent to 10% of all withdrawn $SUB tokens from the Subpad platform.
A 5% Exit Fee goes to the DAO Treasury pool, which can be used for $SUB Token burns, improving $SUB token liquidity, or other goals - the proposals regarding the current use of tokens stacked at the DAO Treasury Pool are held on a regular basis.
The 5% Exit Fee goes to the Staking Pool that is used for rewarding the participants of the IDO Staking Rewards Pool.

III. Claiming

In the near future the claiming panel will be introduced to Subpad. Via it, our users will be able to claim the tokens of the projects they have invested in via earlier fundraisings held at Subpad.

IV. AI Verification

The projects at Subpad are verified by AI. Our AI assistants provide deep thorough due diligence & verification and evaluate carefully the projects listed at

V. Summary

Via Subpad you can participate in purchasing the allocations from the early-stage entertainment (especially gaming) blockchain projects verified by AI. You can stake $SUB tokens and lock them at to get xSUBs for IDOs participation. More about staking xSUBs you can read in the section “Get Started with us”, Chapter “How to participate in IDO”.