Subpad Wiki


We are not only about fundraising! If you are feeling lucky, you can try our lottery.
The idea of the lottery is to provide our platform users with fun & additional allocations (even with the allocations that are paid by us!).
To participate in the lottery, during the IDO click the button “Lottery” which is next to the “Allocate xSUB” button in the IDO view. One lottery ticket equals 100 xSUBs locked at for the duration of a specific IDO.
Your xSUBs allocated at the IDO do not count toward the lottery. You need to allocate 100 xSUBs at the lottery (button next to participate in the IDO bracket) to participate in the lottery. Rewards include 1000 USD, 2 X 500 USD, and 5 X 100 USD rewards.
Important: The 100 xSUBs will be burnt upon the end of the specific IDO - this is the lottery fee for participating.