Subpad Wiki


The purpose of the treasury is to strengthen the value of the $SUB token by increasing the $SUB token liquidity pool and/or via token burns. Whether the $SUB tokens from the treasury pool will be used for building the $SUB token liquidity pool or for $SUB token burns or xSUB staking rewards - the community will decide about it during the regular governance voting sessions.
The Treasury pool is being streamlined by the revenues from:
  • $SUB Sell Treasury Tax 5% (the tax is being implemented upon selling $SUB on DEX & CEX, the tax goes to the treasury pool).
  • xSUB Exit Fee 5% (the xSUB Exit Tax is being implemented upon unlocking xSUBs staked at and converting them to $SUB tokens, 50% of the total 10% tax, which means the tax is 5%, goes to the treasury pool)