Subpad Wiki


xSUB is a non-transferable token created while locking the $SUB tokens at for a specific duration (min. 7 days, max. 1080 days).
In general, 100 $SUB tokens locked for 360 days equal 1 xSUB. The total supply of the xSUB token is finite, changeable, and interconnected with the currently locked $SUB and LP of $SUB & BNB at
The xSUB token utilities include:
  • IDO participation - it is necessary to use xSUB tokens in order to take part in the ongoing IDOS
  • IDO Staking Rewards - staking xSUB tokens and participating [okres czasu] in at least 1 IDO grants rewards
  • Governance - only xSUB holders can participate in Governance sessions held at Subpad.